Hello everyone 🙂

For a while now I have been thinking of starting a blog. Everyone has a story to tell, and I believe I do too. Right now, my story is how I travelled half way across the world from India to the USA, along with my husband, and took a chance at making my childhood dream job come true.

Starting my own clothing line was a crazy fantasy I had since I was a kid. I used to sketch, and on ocassion I would sew my own clothes. So when I moved to the USA in March 2016, I figured this is my one chance to make my fantasy a reality.

“AMU as a brand is a reflection of who I am”

AMU as a brand is a reflection of who I am. My aesthetic is influenced by the countries and cities I have visited and lived in. It is my way of expressing my Indian heritage in a simple elegance and sophistication, filled with vibrant and fun colors. I love to make a statement when I get dressed, but I need to be comfortable as well.

The woman I envision while designing is strong and fierce, she loves to live life to the fullest, loves to travel and embrace culture across the world! She could be a CEO, a business owner, artist, librarian, accountant or a stay at home mom. No matter what her job is, she loves to show her personality creatively.

AMU strives to be a Made in USA brand. We source materials used and manufacture our products locally. Our fabrics are sourced from across the globe. AMU is a slow fashion and sustainable brand. To make our products sustainable, our clothes are Made To Order, this helps us control inventory and wastage. The fabric left over from our manufacturing is used make some fabulous fabric bags that are used for our packaging.

We do not want to be just another brand, we want to be a fashion brand with purpose. 10% of all our sales goes towards helping women who have been sex trafficked or abused. These funds go to a local non- profit in Milwaukee. Currently we give our proceeds to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.

Fabric bags made from leftover post-production fabric.
“We want to be a fashion brand with purpose”

Amu Cherian

Hand crafted block printed home decor and scarves, Made in USA empowering women through slow and sustainable fashion