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Since the start of my business in January 2017, my life has been an intense roller coaster of a ride. I have done several fashion shows, won an award, I have been published in a magazine, worked with incredible photographers, models and HMUAs. The flip side is, I have dealt with models backing out of shows the last minute without informing me, I have been cut out of credits from collaborations, I have felt bullied and taken advantage of by show organizers and so much more. Through all the good, the bad left me extremely hurt, burnt out and discouraged. I am not here to name people or dwell on these incidents, but it took a lot of soul searching for me to figure out a way to deal with the negativity within the industry.

AMU is a brand that supports women, through our interactions, our giving and the choices we make.”

I have said this multiple times, I have my dream job. So quiting is not an option. I decided to really focus on the good that I experienced and count my blessings. Through this soul search, I needed to figure out who AMU is and what are the values I want associated with my brand. It is very important for me that AMU be a fashion brand with a purpose. AMU is a brand that supports women, through our interactions, our giving and the choices we make.

When I decided to pursue my dream, I met some incredible women, who took a chance on me and went out of their way to help me along my journey. Their help might have been simple but it pushed me miles ahead. I firmly believe my accomplishments are because of the kindness and grace shown by the people around me. 

I would like to showcase these women, acknowledge the role they played in my business and share their story. So this is what happened, I invited some of these amazing women, and along with Brandon Brown of Roost Photography and Jessi Rivera- Walz our wonderful makeup- artist, we made a fabulous morning out of it. Breakfast, glam makeup session and a killer photoshoot! Over the next couple of days, I will be posting blog posts sharing the stories of these phenomenal 5 women. There are many more women who have helped me out, and I hope to share their stories too over time.


I feel it is hard enough for woman to make it in today’s world. We dont need any added negativity from other women. In a climate where the #MeToo movement found so much solidarity amongst women in being real and sharing their stories, I feel it is important to grow. Create a solid foundation using the work of the women who came before us, to help us and the women who come ahead of us.

So here is what I would like you to do, would you share your stories of the women who have helped you or the women you have helped to achieve their dreams. Use #TribeOfAmu and #WhyITribe when you share your story and would you please encourage your friends to do the same. The Tribe, a community on Instagram, has been working to create a positive community using #WhyITribe and I would love to continue their work.

The print on this skirt is a combination of the prints of the outfits of the 5 women I have interviewed.

This skirt represents the social fabric of AMU

Amu Cherian

Hand crafted block printed home decor and scarves, Made in USA empowering women through slow and sustainable fashion