Amanda Medina- Roddy #TribeOfAMU

Amanda Medina-Roddy is my very first friend in Wisconsin. We met on the fourth day of my husband and me arriving in the USA from India. She was our relocation agent, at the time. We spent a day together, half jet lagged, while Amanda drove us around and helped us set up all our paperwork. We later met at her church and hung out with her family. We turned out to be unexpected neighbors. Her family instantly welcomed us in, and us being Indian who are used to large families and frequent social gatherings, that meant the world to us. We felt our first sense of belonging in Wisconsin. Amanda is an Elected Waukesha School Board member, politically active and civic minded person, while also being the board member of the Waukesha Women’s Center, wife and the mother of three gorgeous daughters (one of them modeled for me for the Milwaukee Fashion Week).

AMU: We have spoken about this a couple of times, you have deep passion in connecting people with each other. Explain to me why you enjoy it so much?

Amanda: I know people who are brilliant and very capable in their fields. My philosophy is if I cannot help you out, then let me be your stepping stone and connect you to the people who can. I know how to help in the most practical way possible, I want to be the hands and feet for people who need help. There is so much joy to be felt when you see another person succeed, just like how you feel the pain when another person goes through it.

AMU: Talk to me about the women who have helped you achieve your goals.

Amanda: My Mom, she did it all and she did it brilliantly. She is a former US Marine, wife, she worked, ran a household, and raised 6 kids. She showed us it can all be done. I had an advisor in college, who I didn’t always agree with, but she opened a lot of doors for me. She kept pushing me to try new things and encouraged me to run for a student organization. This pushed me towards my political career for which I am very grateful.

AMU:  Have you had any negative experience with the women you have worked with?

Amanda:  I had a supervisor to taught me a lot in the real estate business. She taught me the business very well, but she would often pass comments about my clothes and make weird digs at me, which were quite condescending. It was all fairly minor, but it got to me. I finally got a big project to handle and she demeaned the entire opportunity as a complete failure. Anyways, I proved her wrong and made it one of the best properties.

AMU:  You have been incredibly supportive about me and my business from the start. You showed up for my very first show and helped me backstage for the MKEFW. What made you do so?

Amanda: One, it was a cool window for me to explore the world of fashion. Two, we were friends. Three, we are sisters in Christ, so we uplift each other. When I see you in magazines, on TV, it makes me so happy! You’re my girl! I can say I know you, eaten in your kitchen, I saw you come up from no where. It makes me so happy, I get to say I have a little part in your journey. It could sound selfish, but it is not, I am sincerely happy for you. I had another friend who was quiet and timid. I made an introduction that helped her and now she works in the Capitol. Helping and connecting people is very important to me because I have 3 daughters. I want them to know that a woman can do anything. That if she has a dream or idea, it can become a reality irrespective of your culture or background.

AMU: What thoughts come to your mind when you think about AMU?

Amanda: Practical. I can wear your clothes every day, for church, graduation, weddings. I feel it is connected to the everyday woman and anyone can wear it. When I see you, I think of how simple and ordinary a skill like sewing is, and I see how you create magical outfits using that skill. And to see it come full circle to wear the clothes in everyday life is amazing. Then again, I know only to sew a button!

Amanda is wearing the Navy Blue Ruffled One Shoulder Dress. Click here to view it.

Photographer: Brandon Brown from Roost Photography

Make Up Artist: Jessi Rivera- Walz  from

“I have 3 daughters. I want them to know that a woman can do anything. That if she has a dream or idea, it can become a reality irrespective of your culture or background..”

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