Block printing is such a unique art form, and over the past couple of months we have hosted 4 block printing workshop. Conducting these workshops are so much fun, we have had women and men participate and we come together to create unique home decor. I usually start these workshops with an introduction to the history of block printing and a few fun videos of how the wooden blocks that are used for the printing are made. 


In my workshop, I love to teach people how to come up with your own patterns, as opposed to giving them a pattern to recreate. The joy of block printing is the fun of adding your personality to the arrangement of blocks. The attendees have been from all over the spectrum of being creative. Some find themselves very creative and some really struggle. But either ways, I work the participant and figure out their personal taste in design, color and difficulty level. We sketch patterns onto paper and then try printing the pattern onto paper. It becomes easier to make changes to the pattern and see if it looks good or not.

I carry a decent collection of wooden blocks for the participants to choose from. And till date, no two participants have ever created a similar design. Everyone leaves with a one of a kind table runner to take back home, and make their space extremely unique. 

Paradise Home invited me to participate at the Unintentional Retreat, it was a day retreat for Women of Color and the LGBTQ community. This event had about 15 participants and it was my first large group workshop. We printed on reusable cotton bags. The event was so much fun, with great music, participants and food 🙂 It was a unique experience for the participants, not everyone felt they were confident or creative, but they throughly enjoyed creating something new. It was so encouraging for me to be surrounded by people who were so positive, encouraging and accepting of me and block printing. The feedback I received was so overwhelmingly positive and created a path for me to do more group workshops as part of a retreat, bachelorette parties, corporate event or something fun a group of friends would like to do. So if you would be interested in having a block printing workshop as part of your event, email me at

I have a few photos from the recent two workshops below:




Block Printing Workshop

at Renovatio Studio, Milwaukee

Choosing wooden blocks and colors

Trial printing patterns on paper

Amu Cherian

Hand crafted block printed home decor and scarves, Made in USA empowering women through slow and sustainable fashion