About Us

In an automated fast fashion world, we are trying to bring back hand crafted clothing. Our clothes use ancient techniques of block printing from India to create slow fashion, artisanal clothing. Each outfit is hand printed and manufactured locally in Milwaukee. AMU uses wooden blocks that are hand carved by artisans in India. The fabric and inks used are sourced from wholesalers across the USA. AMU is a brand aiming to bring harmony between the artistry of India and the aesthetic of USA. AMU strives to be a Made in USA brand. We try to support the local economy and businesses around us by sourcing most of our materials within the USA.


AMU hopes to empower women through our clothing. We support organizations aimed to uplift and empower women. 10% of our sales is used to support women who have been sexually trafficked.



Photo Credit : Liz Klein Photography

Model: April Adams

HMUA: Robyn Schlei


Amu Cherian

Hand crafted block printed home decor and scarves, Made in USA empowering women through slow and sustainable fashion