This is our story of building a brand, the things we do and the places we’ve been

Our Story

Block Printing Workshop in June

Block printing is such a unique art form, and over the past couple of months we have hosted 4 block printing workshop. Conducting these workshops are so much fun, we have had women and men participate and we come together to create unique home decor. I usually start...

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Celia Dodge #TribeOfAMU

  Celia Dodge #TribeOfAMU Celia Dodge, she is the inspiration for this entire campaign. Celia and me realised we were the same person in two different bodies with a slight age gap, the very first day we met. Celia saw a photo of one of my models in a crop top and wrap...

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Gail Hanson #TribeOfAMU

  Gail Hanson #TribeOfAMU Gail Hanson happened to enter my life at the exact moment I needed her. I met her at a dinner party, and we got chatting about the work that we do. We spoke about my ambition of building a clothing brand. Gail having held a position for the...

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Amanda Medina-Roddy #TribeOfAMU

Amanda Medina- Roddy #TribeOfAMU Amanda Medina-Roddy is my very first friend in Wisconsin. We met on the fourth day of my husband and me arriving in the USA from India. She was our relocation agent, at the time. We spent a day together, half jet lagged, while Amanda...

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Adriana Hayes #TribeOfAMU

Adriana Hayes #TribeOfAMU Adriana Hayes, is a remarkable woman. She is currently teaches Fashion Illustration at Mount Mary University. She is a foster parent and she fights Spina Bifida everyday. She has undergone 23 surgeries till date, she has an ileostomy bag,...

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Shantini Bhaskaran #TribeOfAMU

  #TribeOfAMU Shanthini B. Shanthini Baskaran is my lifeline. I met her a couple of months after moving to the USA. We instantly became family. Shanthini is one the most insightful women I have ever met. She is empathetic, compassionate, kind, honest and full of joy!...

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#TribeOfAMU #WhyITribe

    #TribeOfAMU #WhyITribe   Since the start of my business in January 2017, my life has been an intense roller coaster of a ride. I have done several fashion shows, won an award, I have been published in a magazine, worked with incredible photographers, models and...

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Slow fashion and being sustainable

Slow fashion and being sustainable In every period of time, there is a buzz word or phrase that stands out for the latest interest/ trend/ fad. Now in finance its crypto-currency, in politics it's fake news, in fashion its slow fashion/ sustainable fashion/ ethical...

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Namaste! Hello everyone 🙂 For a while now I have been thinking of starting a blog. Everyone has a story to tell, and I believe I do too. Right now, my story is how I travelled half way across the world from India to the USA, along with my husband, and took a chance...

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    Amu Cherian

    Hand crafted block printed clothing, Made in USA empowering women through slow and sustainable fashion while fighting against sex trafficking.