Ammu Cherian

Owner, Fashion Designer

My passion for Indian textiles has always been a part of my life. I grew up in Muscat, Oman and lived in various cities across India. Growing up I watched alot of American, British and Korean television and movies. All of these influences has impacted my aesthetic and helped me embrace my Indian heritage with a global influence. AMU is my interpretation of my culture.
I am a self taught designer with no prior fashion background. This gave me the freedom to create my own path and line without following the industry taught rules.
After moving to the USA early 2016, I decided to pursue my childhood dream of creating my own clothing line. Since then it has been an incredible journey of doing several fashion shows, winning and award and getting published.

Winner of People’s Choice Award

‘Most Innovative Collection’ at the

Milwaukee Fashion Week 2017

Amu Cherian

Hand crafted block printed home decor and scarves, Made in USA empowering women through slow and sustainable fashion