Pink Geometric and Peacock block printed woolen scarf, Three tone scarf


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How do you feel today? Comfortable or Exotic? 🙂 Would you like a silk wool blend scarf to match your twin personality? This fun and colorful woolen woven scarf is perfect to add a pop of color to your white winter! The alternative pink, purple and blue peacocks and geometric print is blocked printed by the designer using hand carved wooden blocks.

The wooden blocks used are hand craved by local artisans in India. The scarf is woven in Kashmir,  the northern region of India by local craftsmen. This scarf is blocked printed by the designer in the USA using high quality inks sourced from the USA. This forms the perfect harmony between the artistry of India and USA.

This scarf is warm and soft, and is perfect to add color in the winter!

Size of this scarf is 81 x 29.5 inches with unfinished edges approximately


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